Organizational chat (compare to Slack or Hipchat)

Folkmot offers the standard feature set from apps such as Slack or Hipchat. Create group chat rooms, send direct messages, get notifications, embed images, and add emoji reactions.

  • Push notifications
  • Direct messages
  • Embedding images, tweets, and videos
  • Multiple chat rooms

End-to-end encryption and auto-purging for extra security

All direct messages and enabled channels use end-to-end encryption, meaning that the central server cannot see what is inside the messages. If your server is compromised the encrypted messages cannot be read. Nor can administrators read the messages.

  • All direct messages are encrypted client-side and can only be read by the participants
  • Group chat rooms can be optionally end-to-end encrypted
  • Chat rooms can be auto-purged to prevent sensitive conversations from remaining around long-term

Long-form Discussions so Knowledge Doesn't get Lost

Chat can be a poor medium for thoughtful discussion. Folkmot includes longform discussion forums so you can have exchanges that take place over days and weeks. Dicussions can serve as a lasting knowledge base.

  • Long-form discussion forums
  • Get notifications when you are mentioned.
  • Intutive, modern UI
  • Use the forums as a wiki to build a knowledge base

Easy to Self-host

Folkmot runs from a single self-executing jar file. It requires only Java 1.8 and a MySQL database.

Fully Responsive

Built to run on desktop or mobile browsers

Built with Java

Built in Java so it runs fast, with no external dependencies, on any machine that supports the Java 8 JVM.

Easy To Configure

Configure with a single command.

Coming Soon